Press Statement by Paul Muite S.c on Threats to His Life over Extra Judicial Executions in Kenya Issued 8th April 2009

Last Sunday, 5th April 2009, I received specific information from credible sources that Members of the “Kwekwe squad” responsible for carrying out extra judicial executions have been given instructions to get rid of me.

The question you will ask and the one that jumped to my mind when I received the information is, what have I done, why now? This is the question my mind has been grappling with since Sunday.

My conclusion is that the consistent public stand which I have taken on extra judicial executions may have something to do with it. Some of you Ladies and Gentlemen of the media will recall that I was amongst the very first public figures to condemn extra judicial executions and to point fingers at the Government. I attended the funeral services of both Kingara and Oulu at which I spoke strongly on Government involvement in the killings. In so doing, I was aware that Intelligence Officers would be present wanting to
know who was saying what. It is their work.

Recently, Professor Philip Alston handed over his report on extra judicial executions in Kenya to the ICC Prosecutor, Moreno Ocampo and requested the ICC to take action.

Behind the scenes, I have myself been urging Ice through emissaries to take action since this issue is grave and serious. The documented cases are over 600. Thousands more are listed as missing. It is possible that the Intelligence agencies are aware of my behind the scenes efforts for ICC to take action. They listen to phone conversations and hack emails as we all know.

I have accordingly decided to write formally to the ICC Prosecutor Louis Moreno Ocampo drawing his attention to the imminent threat to my life and urging him to open investigations into extra judicial executions in Kenya with a view to prosecuting those involved. I am making available to you copies of my letter to Mr. Ocampo. You will see from the contents of my letter to Mr. Ocampo that under Article 28 of the Rome Statute, I finger criminal responsibility for these extra judicial executions on the President
himself, the Hon. John Michuki who was the Minister of State in the Office of the President in 2006 when this policy of extermination through extra judicial executions appears to have been formulated and implementation commenced, the Commissioner of Police, the Director of Intelligence, the Commanders of these squads and at the bottom, those officers who carry out the executions.

It is possible however that the last straw might well have come from the latest spat with H.E. the President over the criminal raid on KTN and the Standard and with his then Minister of State in his office in charge of Internal Security the Hon. John Michuki. It will be recalled that the President himself issued a coded threat ” or where ever else we might meet. It is the only way.” My lawyers’ letter to the President in which this coded threat was taken up is a matter of public record and I make available to you copies of that letter.

The Hon. John Michuki, too, sent a demand letter which was responded to. The last paragraph of my lawyers’ response reads and I quote:-

“Thirdly and finally, we have been instructed to state that our client will take the suit your client files as invitation to disclose and adduce evidence of the meeting at which the decision to carry out the
criminal operations was made, who was present and in particular who presided over that meeting and gave the go ahead, including the fake articles on an alleged visit by “someone” to Southern Sudan back in
1997 to visit “someone” there.. Your client will bear responsibility for disclosure of that evidence including the implication and consequences. “

This too I suspect might have contributed towards the final straw.

If a government which is supposed to protect the lives of its citizens is the one taking those lives in extra judicial executions and political assassinations, there is very little a citizen can do to escape execution.

I have called this press conference to let Kenyans know that if anything does indeed happen to me, let no one be fooled that it was “ordinary thuggery or car jacking.” It will have been pre-meditated political assassination/extra judicial execution.

It would pain my soul wherever it might be to hear Erick Kiraithe and Dr.Alfred Mutua telling the public that the Government/Police are investigating with a vicw to bringing to book those who might have been involved. Equally, it is pointless reporting to the Police. They are the suspects who should be investigated. To report to them will only give them the opportunity to probe from where the leak might have occurred so that they deal with the “msaliti” (traitor) the way they dealt with Kiriinya.

Download signed copy of Press Statement dated 8th April 2009

Download signed letter from Paul Muite to Louis Moreno Ocampo on Extra Judicial Executions in Kenya dated 8th April 2009

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2 thoughts on “Press Statement by Paul Muite S.c on Threats to His Life over Extra Judicial Executions in Kenya Issued 8th April 2009

  1. I have always been saying that any country which has failed to deliver to its people will always turn to citizen as an excuse for its non performance .Most of the time their action is brutal and grave, this is because they are trying to vent their frustration from non performance.Before we start mourning for another brilliant son of this country let us all stand up against this failed administration.

    Sometimes I’m astonished by Kenyans by the way we let foreigners come and sort our problems even when we really see that we are suffering , is it because we are coward or we have decided to allow ourselves to suffer in silence and have accepted it as a way of life.No let Kenyans stand for a just government today or tomorrow will be too late.Hon. Muite should not be cowered by the agents of this failed administration in any case they are not vicious than the Kanu regime which you stood against and won,be careful we still need you.The struggle has to be won.Thank you.

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