The Situation in Kenya

The security in Kenya today pathetic. We are on a post election period but because the elections were concluded in a shoddy manner the country has plunged to violence. Earlier in the day the violence witnessed was being blamed on ODM leaders. This was because the zones earlier affected were those perceived to be ODM areas. Here the police are said to have killed more than 100 people using live bullets. Now some people of a certain tribe in Kenya are saying we are carrying weapons to defend ourselves. think of this situation….. Order someone from a bus …order him/her to give you his or her national id card….. o ooh this bagger comes from another tribe …take the bagger out machete the bagger in broad daylight defenselessly. Are we all Kenyans or there are other people who are more Kenyans than others? do we have equal rights to property and justice or these are supposed to be for a particular tribe. I am at a loss unless someone tells me.
The government seems to be on one side. Favor and hate. Hate anything to do with ODM zones and favor areas where it feels it has support. In such a situation who are Kenyans? If certain people are not worthy to be Kenyans then….be it. We have cried for peace which is not forthcoming. Already here today the 29th January 2008, we woke up to find that Hon Mugabe Were has been short dead. Who short him and why. These things MUST come to an end if Kenya has to enjoy peaceful co existence. Apart fron J.M Kariuki all political assassination have been targeted to one community. Why? Can anyone tell me?